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Café Sanctuary originated from a real desire to help women in domestic abuse situations but, four years ago, it was little more than a vague “maybe one day” dream. It wasn’t that we weren’t passionate about our cause; we were. Quite simply, we were on different continents, managing very chaotic lives.

During one of the very first conversations that Martha and I had, after reconnecting on Facebook, we discovered some amazing similarities in our lives. We’d lost touch for many years, but it didn’t stop us having similar experiences. Sadly, those experiences included being with abusive men. We compared notes about our abusive relationships, bids to escape and what sort of help we found from the “professionals” put in place to help women like us. Being in different countries, we were able to gauge how each system handled abusive situations and learned that there were so many gaps to fall through. One commonality, we found, was that the people we spoke to, in our respective locales, had no real knowledge or experience with abuse. There were times when I walked away from my appointments feeling terribly misunderstood and invalidated. I was there, fighting for my life, but I often felt like people were dismissive, not caring that my situation was far from trivial.

We learned, from our experiences, that it is far more comforting to seek help from someone who understands because they’ve been through a similar situation. We experienced abuse. We escaped. We rebuilt. We’ve been there. We know. And so, we created Café Sanctuary on the basis of the understanding we have and can offer to others because that’s important. We know what’s at stake because we fought so hard to save ourselves from what could have potentially destroyed us, our children, our families, our friends. We know how far-reaching the effects of abuse are; it’s not only about the abuser and his/her victim, but everyone who cares, as well as the surrounding community.

The battle against domestic violence is very complex and requires more than one type of help. We stand, shoulder-to-shoulder, with the women’s shelters, professionals, law enforcement agencies and all other agencies that offer help to abuse victims, enhancing what they do. Café Sanctuary isn’t about “clinical” help because we’re not licensed counselors. What we know about abuse, we would never have learned in a classroom and we consider our knowledge and our experiences extremely valuable in the fight against abuse. We are passionate about our work because we know what it means to endure suffering on a grand, daily scale. We’ve experienced the frustration of having to find someone who would listen and hear us when we cried out for help. We felt the hopelessness and helplessness of feeling stuck in an intensely dysfunctional relationship, praying that the abuse didn’t escalate further. We know how long it takes to heal our spirits and cope with the aftermath of such a situation.

Most importantly, we want to educate future generations so that domestic abuse eventually {hopefully} becomes a thing of the past.

As always, we’re here to help.

~ Written by Carol

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