Warrior Woman ~ the Survivor

The elements of the Sanctuary Logo all have a special meaning behind them.
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All Rights Reserved.

Sanctuary has been revamped, after a short hiatus. Martha and Carol both experienced some major changes in the past year and it’s taken a while for us to re-adjust. That was a positive thing because we have been able to approach the business with a fresh perspective. We needed a theme to build upon. Carol recently re-worked the Sanctuary graphic, with the intention of making it more meaningful to our cause, as well as more marketable for fundraising.

We spent some time brainstorming and, in doing so, we discovered buzzwords which are relevant to our cause. In order for women to overcome difficult situations, we must feel empowered and supported. We must find the inner strength and determination to make our lives better. We must fight for what we deserve and create a movement on behalf of all abused women AND our children. With that concept in mind, the term “Warrior Woman” was born ~ strong, empowered women, fighting for an important cause: the safety and well-being of all women and children. We are worthy and we deserve love and respect in our relationships. We wear our armor and carry our swords proudly, yet we are still women who want to be loved and nurtured as we love and nurture.

Our logo explained ~ The purple of the shields represents the color of domestic violence ribbons; the shields are textured with a floral pattern to remind us all that we are beautiful human beings who deserve care and respect. The gray blades represent our willingness and right to fight for the love and respect we deserve.  The red heart in the middle represents that, despite what we’ve been through, we are still capable of loving and being loved.

Warrior women are capable of changing the way society handles domestic abuse. We can do this by showing solidarity and using our experiences to forge new strategies to make this world a safer place for all of us.

Welcome to Café Sanctuary.


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