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Café Sanctuary is here to help anyone who needs us.

We want to reach more people. Domestic abuse is so widespread that everyone knows someone who has been through it, even if they haven’t experienced it themselves. The entries we post here are designed to help people, regardless of where they are in their journey. We want to clarify what abuse is so that our readers have no doubts about whether they’re experiencing it. We have shared our stories so that people can relate to us; we have been there and we understand. We want to educate and raise awareness; creating a dialogue is important because we can brainstorm ideas and share the information we know and offer better ways to overcome domestic abuse.

Please share links to our site or specific entries with anyone you think might need to read us. Like us on Facebook. We’re not just a blog; we will reach out and provide help to anyone who needs it. We have been through the escape/rebuild process and know the gaps in the system. We’re not licensed counselors, but we’re experienced listeners who are willing to make the phone calls, if someone can’t. Our help is based on the needs of the individual, even if it’s just to listen. You can use our contact form to contact us.

God Bless You.


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