There’s a special understanding which takes place between women who have experienced abuse, sometimes even before the admission happens. It’s because we subconsciously appreciate the mutual respect and we are naturally drawn to those who treat us properly. The split second someone mentions “domestic abuse”, the initial bond strengthens because we have found someone who knows exactly what we think, how we feel, the pain we experience. I consider it a sisterhood.

The dynamics of a sisterhood relationship depend on where each woman is in her journey. Support and help are offered and given, without question, because we simply cannot allow our “sisters” to struggle…particularly if we struggled before them. It doesn’t matter what form the help takes; we do what we can for each other because we know how important it is to lessen the pain, feelings of helplessness and isolation.

Something happens to the expression of a woman when she finds someone who understands and is willing to listen and help. She involuntarily smiles and her entire face relaxes a little. She exhales in relief and starts to believe that there is a ray of hope shining upon her. I think it’s one of the most beautiful transformations I’ve ever seen. ♥

As always, we’re here to help.


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