Café Sanctuary Event: Empowered Us

Greetings & a warm welcome to Café Sanctuary’s Empowered Us Event!

Empowered Us is all about raising awareness about domestic abuse by sharing our stories, opening the dialogue and supporting each other on our journeys. Everyone has a story to share about an experience that they {or someone they know} have had. Unfortunately, there are many people who are in abusive situations but can’t speak out about them. They may be looking for a way out but don’t know where to start. Stories shared here may just save a life.

To take part in our Empowered Us event, here are some ideas:

  • Share an experience you’ve had in an abusive relationship.
  • Tell us how you broke the cycle of abuse.
  • Did you help a friend or relative escape? If so, share your do’s and don’ts with others who may not know what to do in a similar situation.
  • Talk about the resources that helped you and those that you felt were a waste of time.
  • Write about the people you encountered at the agencies and whether they helped or hindered the process.
  • Write about how you became and how you stay empowered.
  • Write about the aftermath of the abuse and what you’re doing to overcome it.
  • Write about how the abuse affected your children.

csempoweredus image


Whatever you choose to post/share, make sure you use the tag #csempoweredus or, alternatively, you can use the logo to link back to this challenge.

However you choose to take part in this event, we hope that writing about it is therapeutic. You never know who might read your story, just when they need to see it. We hope to start seeing some #csempoweredus stories soon! ❤


3 thoughts on “Café Sanctuary Event: Empowered Us

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. Please feel free to participate in the event if you feel so inclined. I also invite you to follow this blog and continue to visit. 🙂


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