A / Z of Surviving Abuse

A – Accept that things won’t change, unless and until the abuser refuses to change. {They won’t!}
B – Believe that you deserve to be treated well. {You do!}
C – Counseling, counseling, counseling. {Make sure you find the right one!}
D – Detach {emotionally} from your abuser.
E – Empower yourself however you must. {Get counseling, educate yourself about abuse, talk to your family and friends!}
F – File for divorce. {Make sure the law firm deals with abusive situations.}
G – Get enough rest. {A clear mind helps.}
H – Heal yourself for however long it takes. {Be very patient.}
I – Instincts ~ Trust them.
J – Join a support group.
K – Keep your cell/mobile with you all the time.
L –  Love yourself. {You deserve the best!}
M – Meditate to keep calm.
N – Notify friends and neighbors of any anticipated trouble.
O – Only confide in people you trust.
P – Pack everything you need gradually and by stealth.
Q – Quit making excuses for your abuser. {There is no justification for how s/he treats you}
R – Recognize signs of abuse and red flags.
S – Self-defense classes. {Take them!}
T – Talk about what happened.
U – Utilize available resources. {That’s what they’re there for.}
V – Visualize a better {freer} life.
W – Walk away from any relationship if you’re treated disrespectfully. {It won’t get any better!}
X – {e}Xercise. {Good for stress and self-esteem.}
Y – {take care of } You. {Self-care and me-time are important.}
Z – Zero tolerance for abuse. {From anyone.}


5 thoughts on “A / Z of Surviving Abuse

    1. Thank you for the tip! I’ll definitely check it out.

      Thank you so much for allowing us to share our links. I really appreciate it. 🙂


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