How To Escape the Dysfunctional Roller Coaster

cycle of abuse image
It’s up to YOU to break the cycle.

Pay close attention.

You can’t afford to ignore the continuous cycle of abuse. It’s like being on a perpetual roller coaster that never ends. You experience extreme ups and downs and, after a while, things become a bit more predictable.

When I was in that situation, I felt exhausted from the constant effort to prevent escalation; unfortunately, it didn’t always work. We didn’t have “honeymoon phases”, nor did he apologize; there were only days of tense silence before the next incident. He accused me of enjoying the arguments when he was the one creating them. I only wanted a quiet life, but the reality was constantly being “on edge”, waiting for the ax to fall again. Eventually, all I saw was the rest of my life spent on this roller coaster and the only thing that might have changed {had I not escaped} was the severity of the incidents.

The bottom line is, we deserve better. The exhaustion and feelings of being unable to relax get old after a while. Domestic abuse robs us of our identities, our inner peace, self-worth, and our lives. It is possible to exit that roller coaster simply by deciding to do so. It’s not easy to do and it takes an enormous amount of determination and strength, but removing yourself from those extreme ups and downs frees you to take ownership of your life again.

As someone who exited the roller coaster 7 years ago, I can tell you…it’s worth it.

As always, we’re here to help.


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