Why Leaving Is the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

Every so often, while browsing my social media feeds, I see subtle hints of a broken spirit. It’s all in the way someone words a tweet or Facebook status. Or their choice of quotes, memes or articles shared.

I remember what it felt like, in that daily harrowing environment, being torn between the shame of what I was experiencing and the growing need to cry out for help. I didn’t want to go through it alone anymore, but there wasn’t much my family or close friends could do from across the pond; further, it was difficult to know who, in my proximity, I could trust to discreetly help me. When abuse was a part of my daily environment, I had no choice but to bottle up my thoughts, feelings, emotions. I couldn’t speak up, nor did I want to show any signs that the abuse affected me because, after a while, I subconsciously knew that I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. I quickly learned to keep my head down for the sake of peace…but it also becomes increasingly difficult to keep up that pretense. The stress greatly manifested itself in my appearance and in the way I behaved. It aged me and affected my ability to really smile or focus. I felt irritable most of the time and suffered from severe anxiety and depression. I gained weight because I medicated my stress with food and it didn’t help that my abuser sabotaged any effort to stay fit.

Enduring abuse shows, whether or not we want it to. Continuously bottling up stress and pain is toxic to our physical/emotional health and other relationships. Although you may believe you’re trapped with nowhere to run, the reality is that you can escape if you’re determined enough. {Staying in an abusive situation} increases the risk of its escalation or the likelihood of serious health problems later on.

You deserve better. You deserve to heal and find happiness. Your spirit deserves to be whole and strong again. You deserve a life that you don’t have to escape from. You deserve to be treated like the special, awesome person you are.

We understand because we’ve been there. We care and support. We’re here to help. ❤


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