The Café

When dealing with abuse, in any aspect, a strong support network makes all the difference, particularly if it consists of people who relate to the experiences, feelings associated with being in such a situation.

Surrounding ourselves with people who “get” us and what we’ve been through is a vital part of successfully escaping, healing, rebuilding, but it also enables us to form lasting bonds, remain a part of each other’s lives to support each other, heal/rebuild together and cheer each other on through all the triumphs and highlights. That we appreciate the journeys of our fellow survivors stems from the compassion which often results from walking similar journeys; if we empathize with someone, we feel a bond with that person.

Our clients aren’t “just cases we work on”. Our interest in helping people is because we truly want to make a difference for people experiencing abuse; having said that, our interest in your life doesn’t stop there! We want to see where your journey takes you, even after you don’t need us anymore.  It’s more than that, though. Maybe you don’t directly need our services. Maybe reading our blog will give you the encouragement, advice, support you need to take action in your life. Maybe you want to join our community as someone who has already escaped and wants to share your story, encouragement and lend support to the others who are part “The Café”.

Which brings us to what “The Café” is all about…and that is a place where friends meet up and chat about anything and everything. “The Café” is the community part of Café Sanctuary ~ where our visitors, clients, followers, supporters get to know each other through sharing their experiences and being a part of the support network that’s so very important on a site such as this one. “The Café” is for anyone who has ever suffered abuse (past or present), supports/supported someone through an abusive situation or advocates for the empowerment of abuse victims. For discretion, our group, member list, and posts are hidden; only those who know the link can access it.

If you’re interested in being a part of The Café community, click here to request membership. If you know anyone who might want to be part of this community, please pass our link on to them.


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