Café Sanctuary’s Purple Challenge

Last October, during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I decided to do a trial event, The Purple Challenge, but it didn’t have enough time to “take off”…which is why I decided to start a bit earlier this year.  

Quite honestly, I think we should be working year ’round to raise awareness and I’m hoping that it catches on this time. Taking part in this event costs very little if anything at all. The more people who participate, the better our chances of raising awareness. It’s not just about posting “purple” images; our aim is to encourage others to share their stories and let us know how they’re helping the cause. 

Have you helped someone who has fled an abusive situation? Are you fund-raising? Have you crafted something to sell for proceeds to a domestic abuse charity? Do you want to share your story? Please tell us. We would love to hear from you. Use the tag #cafesanctuarypurplechallenge here, on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr so that we can see your images across social media. 

Here are the images I posted in October:

This challenge is no longer limited to a single month. Raising awareness is a year-round job. Please join us and share your images and details of this challenge with others. Look forward to hearing from you!