Word Of the Day: Independence

On a chilly day in March, 7'ish years ago, I took control of my life, by fleeing my abusive situation and moving to a house of my own. I'd never really had a taste of independence before, which was extremely daunting, but it was also the necessary "rite of passage" I'd missed out on in my … Continue reading Word Of the Day: Independence


Café Sanctuary Event: Empowered Us

csempoweredus image

Greetings & a warm welcome to Café Sanctuary’s Empowered Us Event! Empowered Us is all about raising awareness about domestic abuse by sharing our stories, opening the dialogue and supporting each other on our journeys. Everyone has a story to share about an experience that they {or someone they know} have had. Unfortunately, there are many people … Continue reading Café Sanctuary Event: Empowered Us