Letter: Dear Warrior Woman

Dear Warrior Woman, First off, allow me to tell you just how stunningly beautiful you are. How do I know? Because you're a survivor. You entrusted your heart to someone who repaid you only by shattering it. Repeatedly. You learned to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and carry on. You take care of your … Continue reading Letter: Dear Warrior Woman



There's a special understanding which takes place between women who have experienced abuse, sometimes even before the admission happens. It's because we subconsciously appreciate the mutual respect and we are naturally drawn to those who treat us properly. The split second someone mentions "domestic abuse", the initial bond strengthens because we have found someone who … Continue reading Sisterhood

Spread the Word

Café Sanctuary is here to help anyone who needs us. We want to reach more people. Domestic abuse is so widespread that everyone knows someone who has been through it, even if they haven't experienced it themselves. The entries we post here are designed to help people, regardless of where they are in their journey. … Continue reading Spread the Word

Sanctuary Video Conference

We created Café Sanctuary to help people. Although we have been through some rough times over the past year, our desire to empower women is still strong. We may not have had the time to fully devote to our cause but rest assured that we are still here, willing to help anyone who needs it. … Continue reading Sanctuary Video Conference


For a long time, I didn't tell my side of the story. I didn't feel comfortable talking about it because of my experiences of telling people in professional roles. Some of the people I spoke to trivialized the abuse because there was no evidence of injury. It took me a long time to acquire a … Continue reading Tell

Good vs Bad Treatment

Think of the people, in your life, who treat you with love and respect. You feel secure comfortable around them. You never have to worry that what you do, what you say will set them off. You don't feel anxious or stressed out when you have plans to see them. You feel uplifted by their … Continue reading Good vs Bad Treatment

Warrior Woman ~ the Survivor

Sanctuary has been revamped, after a short hiatus. Martha and Carol both experienced some major changes in the past year and it's taken a while for us to re-adjust. That was a positive thing because we have been able to approach the business with a fresh perspective. We needed a theme to build upon. Carol … Continue reading Warrior Woman ~ the Survivor