How To Understand the Language Of Manipulation

It's important to be aware of "foreign" sub-languages that toxic people use in dysfunctional relationships. It takes some time and experience to recognize how someone who's abusive might use statements and inflection to manipulate us. In a healthy relationship, both people understand the importance of direct communication and know how to articulate their needs. When … Continue reading How To Understand the Language Of Manipulation


Abuse Does Not Occur Only Between Partners

The anxiety starts the moment you wake up and realize it's a workday.  You'll spend the hours there walking on eggshells around a certain supervisor, who never appreciates your work but instead picks apart every small mistake you make-- in front of your coworkers. You get to your mother's house to help her grocery shop, … Continue reading Abuse Does Not Occur Only Between Partners

Word Of the Day: Narcissism {Reblogged Post}

For today’s “Word Of the Day” post, I’m reposting the piece I wrote on narcissism earlier this year on 28 May 2017. There’s nothing to add to what I’ve already written; to write a further article would not only be redundant but, also, emotionally draining.

Please reach out to someone you trust or get in touch with us for advice or more information. We’re here and we care. ❤

Café Sanctuary

In a retrospective look over past posts, I’m surprised I haven’t written more detailed posts about narcissistic abuse. My fiancé suggested that I might have subconsciously avoided writing about it due to the pain I suffered and he’s probably right. I’m still healing even after all this time.

There are varying degrees and types of narcissism, all of them being very difficult to deal with. I have had relationships with 2 narcissists and further experiences with several others who exhibited narcissistic behavior. As an empath, I’ve felt like an irresistible target for narcissists because of my tendency to put the needs of others ahead of my own, as explained in one of the many articles about such relationships,

Many years ago, when I met {Narcissist 1}, he immediately knew that I was in an extremely vulnerable state. I might as well have worn a neon sign, saying, “Exploit me! Exploit…

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