We do not charge for our services. As our clients, you never have to worry about how much we charge because we don’t. You’ll never be invoiced for our help, regardless of how many calls we make, how many e-mails we send, how many forms we help you fill out, how many brainstorming sessions we do. We help because we want to.

Donations, subscriptions to our blog and buying Sanctuary merchandise is purely optional. We don’t expect it, but we would like to at least tell you how you can donate, subscribe or purchase items from the Sanctuary store. All proceeds we make from donations, subscriptions and sales go into making Café Sanctuary better. Any money we make benefits the business and our clients, not us.

    • This Café Sanctuary blog is now available on Kindle, so that you can read our articles, on the go, for a nominal monthly subscription (currently 99 cents a month, after a 14-day free trial). Click here to  subscribe to our blog.
    • We have an array of Café Sanctuary merchandise on sale at, with more items and designs to come in the future. There are quality items on sale featuring original, meaningful artwork. Zazzle often has 15% discount offers, too. To buy our merchandise, please visit our Zazzle store.


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