What does the Outreach Service Provide?

That first step is always the most difficult to take.

Maybe you can relate to one or more of the articles in this blog. Maybe you’re not sure if you have a problem. Maybe you’re not sure who to call or where to start. Maybe you’re afraid of what might happen after you take that first step. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by everything, but know that something has to change before something serious happens. Maybe you’re not sure what to expect when you reach out to someone for help. Maybe, in reading these articles, you have thought of someone who might be suffering.

Consider this. Whether you choose to stay or leave is up to you. Nobody can decide for you because you’re the one who has to live it. But there is an increasing amount of help available to you, due to the raised awareness of what you’re going through. Deciding to leave is not easy. Leaving is not easy, but it’s also not impossible, if you’re determined enough. Strength, determination, empowerment and a strong support network are all important. There are people out there who are willing to extend their helping hands to you, to pull you out of that dark place…but you have to take hold of those hands and help them to help yourself.

Enter Café Sanctuary.

We’re not a women’s shelter. We’re not licensed counselors. We have, however, been in domestic abuse situations, so we understand how you feel and the challenges you face. We have successfully escaped and rebuilt our lives, despite the obstacles and gaps in the system. Please get in touch if you are (or think you are) trapped in an abusive relationship and you need help with the following:

~ Phone calls made to counseling organizations, women’s shelters, religious organizations to research information on your behalf. If you can’t risk making phone calls, let us do it for you. We will enquire about costs, availability, procedures and give you the information you need to follow-up.

~ Establish supportive connections in your area, if you have experienced isolation.

~ Brainstorm ideas for individualized support and explore options that are relevant to your needs.

~ Help with filling out forms, if needed.

~ Any research you may need, but aren’t able to do in your home.

~ Face-to-face support (local only). May include relaxed chats over coffee with someone who understands or someone to accompany you to meetings and/or appointments.

No two situations are the same. Needs are individual. We’re here to help you decide your next move and support you throughout the process.

You’re not alone.


3 thoughts on “What does the Outreach Service Provide?

    1. Hi Giuseppina!

      I’m so glad you visited and left a comment.

      Helping abuse victims is what I feel I was meant to do and my experiences have given me the understanding I need to do so.

      I do hope you’ll continue to visit.

      Kindest Regards,

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